How to Use Social Media For Marketing Creatively part 1

How to Use Social Media For Marketing Creatively part 1


Social media’s potential impact for small businesses cannot be understated. But if you’ve been using social media for a while, then you probably already know a lot of the standard tips. However, there are plenty of other things you can do on social media aside from just posting product photos and responding to customer inquiries. Here are some social media marketing tips that you don’t hear every day.

How to Use Social Media For Marketing Creatively

Post Product Creation Videos

You already know that you can, and should, post information about your products on social media. But not many businesses actually give customers a behind the scenes look at what goes into making their products. You can do this easily through quick videos on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram or even Snapchat.

Start a Hashtag for Testimonials

Testimonials can also be great content for businesses to share on social media. But finding testimonials that can be boiled down enough to fit into a tweet or social media post can be a challenge. So consider creating a hashtag specifically for that purpose and then encourage your customers to share their testimonials in that format. You can then repost their thoughts directly to your followers.

Honor an Employee of the Week

Social media is a great outlet for sharing behind-the-scenes looks at your business. And your employees can be a big part of that. So you can start an employee of the week or month program and share a bit about your best team members on social media channels.

Share a Photo an Hour

You can also share behind-the-scenes looks at your company through regular photos. A few times a year, designate a day where you share a photo each hour, or at least a few times a day, to give people a realistic view of what goes on over the course of a day.

Share Tutorials That Use Your Products

Aside from just sharing information or photos of your products, you can use social media to give people cool ideas for how to actually use them. So you can create and share quick tutorials that highlight some of those unique uses or ideas.

Make Stop-Motion Videos on Instagram

Stop motion videos can be a great way to showcase some of those tutorials or unique ideas. Or you can even use them to tell stories quickly and in a unique and fun format.

Share Boomerang Images of Products in Use

Boomerang is an Instagram app that lets you create really quick gif-like videos. They’re not long enough to tell a story or share a bunch of steps, but they are sufficient to show some movement. So you can use them to demonstrate simple features of products in some cases.

Start a Group Pinterest Board

You already know that Pinterest can be a great outlet for sharing content. But it can also be a great way to interact with your audience through group boards. Start a board where customers can share images of your products in use or just posts related to your industry. And add your own content as well.

Partner with Other Companies to Share Product Ideas

You can actually amplify the reach of some of your posts by working with other companies to create social media campaigns. Consider showing off your product in use with another company’s product and both of you can share it on your channels. This can be especially useful for posts like recipes or DIY projects.

Have Employees Take Over Your Accounts

Having the same people run your social media accounts every day can mean that it starts to get repetitive after awhile. But you can change it up a bit by having different employees take over your accounts on occasion to share a different view of your company.

Have Customers Take Over Your Accounts

You might also host a contest or promotion where you choose a customer or follower to take over your accounts for a day to share some of their favorite content, including how they use your products or services.

Recommend Other Accounts for People to Follow

Most of your social media followers also follow other brands that are somewhat related to your industry. So you can add some value for them by suggesting some other accounts that you think they might find useful.

Add Personality with GIFs

On Twitter and other social platforms, you have the opportunity to add GIF images to your posts, which can inject some personality and movement into your posts.

Create a Recurring Character

If your company has a mascot, logo or even a pet or office decoration that really represents your company, you can use that as a sort of recurring character in your social media posts that your followers can easily recognize and interact with.

Ask for Photo Submissions

The content you share on your social media channels doesn’t always have to come directly from you. You can ask your customers regularly to share their photos of your products or anything related to your industry and then share those photos.

Have a “Caption This” Contest

You might also share some photos that your followers can have some fun with. Share a funny photo of your team or even one related to pop culture and ask followers for caption ideas, then share the best ones.

Create Your Own Meme

It might sound silly, but memes also give you the opportunity to share some fun content with your social media audience. If there’s a popular meme that could somehow fit with your business or industry, create your own caption and share it with your followers.

Host a Q&A on Snapchat

Social media can be a great way to answer customer questions. But you can go even deeper than that and host a question and answer session where followers can ask you anything on Snapchat, then answer those questions in quick clips on the app.

Ask Trivia Questions

Another way to spur some engagement with your audience is to ask some trivia questions about your company or your industry. You might even offer some kind of prize to a follower who answers correctly.

Celebrate Your Company’s History on #tbt

Throwback Thursday, or #tbt, is a weekly hashtag on Twitter and Instagram where people post throwback photos. You can get your business involved and share some history by posting old photos on Thursdays each week or even just on occasion.

Start a Weekly Series

You can also create your own weekly theme for social media posts like #tbt. Come up with something that fits with your industry and keep it up every week. You can even encourage your followers to participate as well.

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